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3 Types Of Suits That Every Man Should Own

In the words of Liam Neeson’s character in The A-Team: “we love it when a good suit comes together.” Okay, he never said that because would you deny the fact that finding a good suit isn’t euphoric? Probably not, because having the right one within your reach will have you thanking the Gods because you know how much effort goes into putting a suit together.

Which is why GQ’s guide to finding not one, but three suits for three separate occasions can put a different spin to each one of them. At the end of this guide, you’ll become a master of suits.


The business/party man

Classics go a long way if you play your cards right. Black, navy and grey— pick any one of these colours and you can work it from your boardroom meeting to your best friend’s engagement party. Things to keep in mind: make sure you buy a tie that’s proportionate to the lapel of your suit and invest a belt that matches your shoes.


The wandering entrepreneur

Every man is bound to travel for business, whether it’s flying out to Mumbai or Madrid. The journeys vary from weeks to days to hours. However, those who travel for one-day meetings must know that it isn’t necessary to cram every formal suit you own for a matter of few hours.

Our advice? Pack smart. Wear your three-piece suit (minus the tie) and your office brogues. In your carryon, pack a pair of dark denims, a plain t-shirt, a coloured blazer and accessories that you think go well with them. When you finally need to unwind for the day, switch it up with your carryon items.


The coolest guy in the room

Ever seen a pair of monk strap sneakers? Well, now you will. But, that’s not even the best part. In a situation where you have to attend a Sunday brunch, show your fun side. Opt for a suit that isn’t too out there but still shows you can be laid back. Take all the elements and incorporate accessories such as a bright pocket square, metallic tie bars, lapel pins and more.

By GQ India