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6 Reasons to buy Maruti Baleno

1. Maruti Suzuki Baleno Mileage

If you have plan to purchase a new car and searching for car with great mileage, then your search ends here with YRA Baleno Maruti Car, because it will exactly match to your fuel budget. You just need to not drive rough, try to maintain fix speed in between 60 to 80 on traffic packed road, and 100 to 120 on open highway, by doing this you will get nice mileage-average with your car, which keeps your car’s engine healthy too.The stylish all new premium Maruti Baleno Car offers great mileage on Indian roads. Let’s take a look.

2. Maruti Suzuki Baleno Highest speed

Speed matters! After all we are going to buy a car, not a bullock cart. On open highway, one can drive with good speed because road stays almost open, wide roads, and people drive lane wise as per their desire speed, in such case, you need good speed. In the city, average speed is best as per traffic situation. Always go to that speed only on which you can control you car. The new Baleno Maruti Car of India comes with two engine options.

3. Maruti Suzuki Baleno higher Ground Clearance

Vehicle ground clearance, it means distance between road and car’s bottom surface. When it comes to Cars ground surface, there are two types of cars available, one with lower ground clearance and other with higher ground clearance. Some very modern cars come with adjustable ground clearance features to adjust height of car as per road’s condition. But such cars are costly; they are like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, etc. If you want to see example of lower ground clearance car, then take a look at Ferrari, and want to see higher one, then take a look at Hummer.

4. Maruti Suzuki Baleno Engine More Details

When someone purchases an used car, the main focus remain on engine rather than other features because it affects the car’s performance and future maintenance. Then it is obvious to know about engine specifications when you are going to buy new car. Car king of India, Maruti Suzuki brings new premium compact hatch version of Baleno with 1.2 Dualjet engine and 1.3 litre diesel engine with Suzuki’s exclusive SHVS mild hybrid system. 1.0 litre, turbocharged Boosterjet petrol engine, and 1.4 litre unit are currently available in Chinese and European car market, not unfortunately in Indian market right now, but as per some car experts, India is world’s leading car market, so these engines will hit the Indian roads soon as possible.

5. Maruti Suzuki Baleno DimensionsSpecifications

To fulfil many car lovers’ dream, this hatchback car will come with 1745mm width, 1470mm height, and 3995mm length. That’s not all. It offers large wheelbase of 2520mm and 355 litres boot space, which is capable enough to store your travel bags. This dimensions are ideal for any compact car, you may compare it with other compact cars available in Indian car markets. Not only in dimensions, the Maruti Baleno Car also perfect or superior in compare of other features available in its rivals.

6. Maruti Suzuki Baleno Battery Time

Have you ever notice some people to pull the car for start up at normal season or especially in monsoon season. Why car is not getting start? Battery down, need to recharge it, or need to bring my car to mechanic! Behind all the scenes, battery plays a vital role, and that’s why Maruti YRA Suzuki Baleno contains a powerful battery to assist whole car, whatever the season!