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Baleno aces the digital media space with its innovative digital banners

NEXA by Maruti Suzuki, welcomed its newly-launched premium hatchback Baleno with a never seen before digital campaign.The campaign was a huge hit amongst the digital users and also created a buzz across various social media platforms for its innovative and creative online presence. The campaign was executed from October 30, 2015 to November 5, 2015, on diverse media platforms with its two neoteric revolutionary techniques, which are the 'Shake Innovation and Redirection Technique'.

The concept behind both the campaigns is different and unique in terms of planning, strategy, execution and novelty.


The first to be done in auto category. We all have seen shake banners before but have never witnessed an auto brand using the same so effectively in display media category.

This campaign was conceptualized to maximize the power of rich media mobile apps and to strike the right chord with the tech savvy users. The challenge was to carve out the powerful presence of the car in a unique way in the lead-up to the launch of Baleno. So, the campaign used the shake feature of mobile devices to interact with the audience, which normally allows users to remove ad interruptions that appeared while using apps or browsing mobile sites by shaking their phones. However, the Baleno ad overrode this feature by reappearing on the screen, thus exemplifying the defiant nature of the car. Based on the idea of the campaign, Baleno was positioned as the next big thing in the automobile industry, which has many world class features. This approach to connect with the audience on social media was first of its kind that spurred huge media impressions and fueled the grand debut of Baleno with a positive response. On the day the campaign was launched it gained an industry first title campaign across the social media for introducing a new concept.

Explaining the concept of the Shake Innovation,Vinay Pant, General Manager, Marketing, Maruti Suzuki India, says, it was designed to bring to the fore bold and aggressive side of Baleno. This digital innovation was a unique concept to make Baleno stand true to its Made of Mettle stance,unique designing concept and elegant styling. The campaign was a glimpse into the power-packed world of innovative features and superb styling that Baleno has to offer. The creative was showcased on the mobile app of, Economic Times, Daily Hunt, NDTV and India Times. Also, the campaign was a big hit among the audience and they also appreciated the unique concept on twitter.

Moving on to the Auto Redirect Technique, which highlighted the grand entry of Baleno in the premium hatchback car segment and its premier launch in India.The campaign took the users directly to the Baleno Page on the NEXA website in 5 seconds, asking them to leave everything else they are reading and check out Baleno. This was the first ever display banner type done in World since no display banner has taken users directly to the advertiser webpage.This campaign represented the essence of initiating a connection and reaching out to customers to witness the launch of Baleno on an ever expanding platform. Through this concept the users viewed directly all the iconic features, new body design and other promising attributes of Baleno.The communication of presenting Baleno launch through the Auto Redirect concept was meticulously planned, which also received instant reviews.The campaign was a hit, which is evident from the CTR of 3.5 percent. The campaign was rolled out on India Today and First Post and it introduced Baleno to the users in a distinctive way. Sabuj Sengupta, ECD Hakuhodo Percept India says, "The Baleno's TG is very net savvy and spends a lot of their time online. So we used digital as a major platform to reach out to them. As a premium hatchback, the Baleno breaks all conventions in its category. Hence, even the digital campaign exemplified this with innovative ideas and executions" Shradha Agarwal, Head Digital Strategy, Grapes Digital, says the strategy behind both the digital campaigns was to come up with ideas that can complement the fact that Baleno is a world car with great features being first in its category.

Baleno has entered the market with both petrol and diesel variants and is priced between 4.99 lakh and 6.16 lakh. Adding to the exclusivity, the car is available at the NEXA showrooms, which is another major step by Maruti to cater to the premium market segment and meet different expectations.